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    RTS Computers is a privately owned business that began in 1986 as a part time venture; and turned into a full-time operation concentrating on the needs of small businesses for sales, services, consulting, personal computer systems and networking products. As the industry changed, so has RTS Computers by becoming a system integrator with software and hardware to develop and maintain a balance for the customers; along with the development of software integrating into both Intranet and Internet solutions. In 2001, RTS Computers’ focus as a value added reseller became more intense with technical services, equipment sales, and installations. RTS Computers became the IT manager for small to medium sized businesses that did not or could not support the resources for full time MIS Directors. The duties and responsibilities are maintaining good working relationships with management while implementing both hardware and software solutions throughout the companies. Technical services are achieved based upon what the companys’ needs are; consisting of wide and local area networks, scanning storage solutions, data capture devices, secure data connections via firewalls, remote virtual private networks to maintain secure data integrity including HIPAA regulations within the medical field, designing and installing digital surveillance systems.